What describes a man's personality more than what beer he drinks? Everyone has friends that are known to drink a certain beer and what better way to customize a boutonniere with that certain beer! 

These boutonniere are custom made. You can pick from any color of shotgun shell from the picture above and what type of beer cap you desire. 

I can do most any kind of beer, the ones shown in the pictures are examples and the product is not limited to those. 

The boutonniere attaches easily to the suit by a safety pin. 

These are made to order so give them about 4-7 days to be made and then shipped. If there is an issue with this, just let me know. 

The shipping cost is $5.95 and that accommodates up to roughly 9, and I will bundle shipping. 

Unfortunately the boutonnieres do not come with the flowers shown in the pictures above. 
Everyone deserves a fun, memorable and unique wedding! I hope these boutonnieres can help aid in such a wonderful tradition and day!

Custom Beer Cap Boutonniere