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The Begining of Southern Legacy

When begining this company I had already created the ideas and concepts of the products, the issue was what to name it. I thought about what comes to mind when you think of the south? The ideas were southern gentleman, cotton, agriculture, hunting, great homestyle cooking, peach cobbler, different kinds of trees, birds and flowers but none of them fit for a name. Then it came to me, what are all of the things I just listed?...legacies! After that the name "Southern Legacy" was born. When y'all see this name I hope it brings up memories of fresh baked pie sitting on the windowsil, of weeping willows and corn fields, of running through the woods and of campfires, and of what reminds you of the south. If you have a picture of what you thought of, instagram it, and #southernlegacy I would LOVE to see the pictures!

This past weekend I visted an apple orchard, a great Virginia orchard named Carters Mountin Orchard. It is truely a fall tradition to go pick pumpkins and apples and eat the best apple cider donuts there. I don't know if y'all have ever had apple cider donuts, but if not y'all need to find some immediately! I can eat a whole dozen myself! This is just one of my favorite fall traditions. I hope y'all have a great fall, eat many pumpkin flavored creations, play in the leaves, go hiking, drink hot chocolate and partake in traditions in your cities! This is my first ever blog post and I am excited for my next ones and to share it with you!

This picture is from the bakery at the top of the mountain. This side looks over the wonderful city of Charlottesville. ​

What are some of y'alls southern legacies?

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